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Get children into growing

Show a child the fun they can have growing and enjoying plants at home – they’ll learn lots about nature and gain a real sense of achievement when the little seeds start sprouting lush leaves. Here are some of our favourite tips and ideas for helping children make a hobby of indoor gardening.

A child tends to potted plants in a room with plants on the windowsill and the white cabinet.
A child tends to potted plants in a room with plants on the windowsill and the white cabinet.
A freshly cut plant shoot in water in a glass jar on a wooden cabinet that holds other potted plants.

Collect cuttings

Freshly cut stems placed in water are a quick, easy way for kids to add to their plant display. Or, with a little root hormone added to the water, they can even watch new roots begin to grow over time.

A wooden chair and cabinet holding potted plants of different sizes in a bedroom with a light-green wall.

Display all shapes and sizes

Low-maintenance succulents and terrariums are ideal for teaching children how to look after plants, but blogger Jules isn’t afraid to let her son Justus (seven) look after much larger plants in his bedroom in Berlin: “They clean the air and give him a real sense of responsibility, and Justus loves how the biggest ones make his room look like a jungle!”

A small plant potted in a white mug.

Pots of style

You don’t have to stick to using traditional plant pots. Get creative and turn unexpected containers into pots. “Justus is great at picking out unusual containers and jars for his plants,” says Jules. Try using favourite mugs, egg cups, ramekins or any other containers you have to hand.

Find ways to make it easy for your child to care for their plants. A plant stand is a great way to group plants in one place, creating a mini garden that’s easier to tend and water.

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