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Four trends to refresh your home for Autumn

20 September 2017

This season, we have identified four key trends that will dominate the interiors space. Although all these trends have a very signature look, you don’t need to make big changes to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Simply making some small additions to your home, can seasonally refresh your space and bring these trends to life.

trend pairs rich dark tones such as navy and emerald green with accents of brass and gold to create an exotic and luxurious look

Midnight tropics

Midnight tropics continues the tropical trend in to the autumn and beyond. Instead of featuring bright and playful colours, this trend pairs rich dark tones such as navy and emerald green with accents of brass and gold to create an exotic and luxurious look. Accessorising with succulents and tropical plants is key to the trend, alongside artwork and patterns that take their cue from nature, and, in particular, foliage.

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Scandinavian design will continue to be an important interiors trend, however it will feature a new colour palette this autumn. This theme favours modern designs, natural materials and pale colours to create a clean and stripped-back look. Light colours are key to the Scandinavian style in order to maximise the brightness of a space, however this season we will see more greys paired with earthy terracotta-tones and muddy greens to bring a touch of warmth to a space whilst keeping it neutral.

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Loft industrial

Loft industrial highlights the raw constructs of industrial design which are central to interiors this season, with a bigger focus on metals and dark paint effects to create a loft-living look. At its heart is industrial design which focuses on the functionality of the product and clean lines – it is a style that is as much about displaying functionality as it is about the way a piece looks. 

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Sustainable futures

Sustainable futures treads the line between man-made and natural, with new material hybrids rooted in environmentally and socially responsible design, yet remains relevant to today’s needs. This trend highlights the increasing demand for products which are made from renewable and ethically sourced materials, along with products that grow with us rather than needing to be replaced.

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