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Food to go: there’s more to a picnic than sandwiches

01 July 2015

Sure, they’re portable and tasty, but what if they were dethroned as the go-to picnic food? On a quest for picnic variety, we raided our cupboards and came up with some clever ways to pack a whole meal from starter to dessert. So, go on, grab a blanket, steal these ideas and head to the park for a proper alfresco dinner.

A picture where different containers are prepared for a picnic

Drinks (and an ice pack)

Fill the bottom of a bottle with concentrated juice and pop it in the freezer. When you pack up your picnic, the frozen bottle keeps your dessert cool. Once you get thirsty, just add water to the concentrate and you’re ready to indulge in a cool drink.


Put a layer of dip at the bottom of a jar (blue cheese and sour cream mixed together works). Then, fill the jar with stick-able veggies like carrots and cucumbers. Your starter is ready to hit the road and it will be waiting in the fridge while you prep the rest of your picnic.

Close-up of noodles in small stacked containers

Main course

Soup has never really screamed “portable”, but here’s a way to change it up. Fill a thermos with hot broth and veggies. Then, put some noodles in stackable drinking cups and tie them together, leaving the top one empty. When you’re ready, add the broth to the noodles and let them soften before you dive in.

BONUS: When you’re done with your soup, use the cup for juice. Just be sure to wipe it out first - because salty-flavoured fruit juice is no one’s favourite.

A picture of loaves of filled bread being wrapped in tea towels


Filled bread is good on it’s own or dipped in soup. And it’s easy to take on the road. Just wrap it up in tea towels and you’re all set.

BONUS: You can use the towels as linen napkins for wiping fingers and faces when all the eating is done.


After all that hardcore munching, the picnic moment of truth has arrived. Let’s be honest, watermelon slices for dessert are so old school. Why not try a picnic-ified parfait instead?

GIF of wrapping containers in a picnic blanket

Pack it up

Forget a basket - your picnic blanket holds your whole day together. Place all of your goodies in the middle and tie opposite corners together to make a bundle. The knots are now easy-to-grip handles, and everything stays standing up. No mess, no fuss, and a great day outside.