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Five tips for growing your own

15 June 2016

Put your green fingers to work this summer and you’ll get to enjoy healthy food picked fresh from your garden or windowsill, as well as the feel-good benefits that come from nurturing seeds and plants. Inspired to start? Try these five ideas from Marie and Lionel who have turned growing plants and vegetables into a part of their family’s everyday life in their French country home.

Grow brightly coloured vegetables at home
Create an easy to reach planting station on wheels for the whole family to use

Set up a planting station indoors

‘We use our planting station to sprout seeds and grow seedlings. It’s low so the height works for everyone in the family, and there’s plenty of space around it so a few of us can plant and tend the seeds together. We added wheels to move it around easily and take it outside if we need to. It’s kept in the open space between our kitchen, dining and living areas. This is a spot where we spend a lot of time as a family, so having the plants here, in the heart of the home, really makes them a part of our everyday life,’ says Marie. Inspired to start your own growing station? Try the clever new IKEA VÄXER growing range – it has everything you need to grow plants indoors all year round. Click here to see how it did in our home test, from seed to plate - let's grow!

The planting and growing process can be fun and satisfying for kids too

‘Responsibility is another side of caring and the kids each have their jobs. Thelma helps me in the garden, Ruben looks after our chickens and waters the seedlings. Planting seeds and seeing them grow is something wonderful and I think the kids really love being a part of that process,’ says Marie.

Turn a glass cabinet into a mini greenhouse

‘Lionel built a covered veranda that we use as an outdoor living room. It’s a space with many uses, including gardening. We have a glass cabinet that works like a greenhouse, where we can keep plants sheltered as they grow strong before we plant them in the vegetable patch,’ says Marie.

Label your crops as you plant to keep a track of everything

It’s such a simple thing, but labelling your plants, whether they’re in pots or in the ground, makes looking after them a lot easier. The time between planting and growing can be long and it’s easy to forget what you have where!

Marie rotates her crops yearly to keep the soil healthy

Grow your own

‘The vegetable patch is my passion – it feels good to get your hands in the earth!’ says Marie. ‘I begin growing in March, turning the soil and preparing it for planting. I use an organic method, so if there are any weeds or grass, I put down vegetable peelings to stop them coming through, and I rotate what I plant in each plot – it’s not good for the earth to put the same thing in it over and over again. We eat what I grow and give some plants and seeds to friends. Food that I’ve grown does taste better – maybe because my heart is in it.’

‘My father taught me how to grow plants. He passed on his passion for getting his hands in the soil to me, and I hope our children will share it’
Marie, psychologist, France

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Photography: Christina Bull  
Styling: Ashlyn Gibson