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Creative storage wall for roommates

01 August 2015

This storage idea caught our eye in this year’s catalogue. It’s made by combining individual VALJE storage boxes to create a simple but graphic storage wall. We think it would be perfect for roommates or even for kids sharing a room.

A combination of VALJE wall cabinets containing books, sewing supplies, knick-knacks and müsli mounted against a pink wall.
Close up of a hand attaching a string of wooden pastel baulbes to the bottom of a VALJE wall cabinet.

The different coloured boxes would be an easy way to signify which shelves are mine and which are yours. And you could use the spaces on top of the boxes for the things that you share.

And here’s a fun bonus idea. These ‘legs’ are made by attaching a string of pastel wooden baubles to the bottom of the cabinet. Just drill a small hole in the bottom of the shelf, thread the twine through and loop it around a wooden washer to hold it in place.