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Create a curtained dressing area

01 February 2015

‘If your bedroom is a “do everything” space, having wardrobe storage behind curtains can maximise its versatility – a calming sanctuary one minute, stylish inspiration the next.’ Carl Braganza, stylist

View of bedroom with curtains open to reveal wardrobe storage system.
Close up of customised BEKVÄM step stool painted orange with black stars.

A customised step-stool makes an easy and stylish solution for reaching high-up items.

Create your own dressing table area with a mirror, hooks for everyday accessories and lights.

‘There are so many ways to show off your personality while creating functional solutions – give space to things you love and that inspire you’ 

Carl Braganza, stylist

View of open wardrobe ALGOT system with clothes in background and rugs and bedding on shelf.

Have your favourite outfits on hangers to create a boutique feel, or air clothes that you can wear again another day.

View of SVIRA hanging storage in open wardrobe system.

Find ways to create extra folding storage in small spaces – this design includes extra pockets on the side for storing accessories.

Close view of ALGOT storage baskets containing clothes and accessories.

ALGOT storage is flexible and functional – customise it to suit you. Plus everything is visible, saving you time sifting through stuff. 

‘Are you more of a folder or a hanger? Customise your storage so that it fits your dressing habits.’ 

View of woman on stool placing rugs on top of shelves in open storage wardrobe system.

Mix and match storage solutions – a chest of drawers is great for everyday essentials you don’t want on display.

Close up of HYFS shoe boxes on shelf in open wardrobe storage system.

Store out-of-season items in boxes with clear fronts up high to use the full height of the ceiling, which means the storage won’t take up as much floor space.

View of BRIMNES chest of drawers with colourful accessories on the surface, plus a KOLJA mirror and MUSIK lights on wall.

Make the most of every part of your storage by using the top of a chest of drawers as a dressing table.

Carl Braganza, stylist

‘With just one wall and some curtains, you can create your own walk-in wardrobe’

Carl Braganza, stylist