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Complimentary colours to expand your space

18 March 2016

“Miracles can happen with paint.” We’re guessing you don’t hear that phrase too often, but our guest blogger Agnes Hammar believes in the power of colour. Colour that’s been carefully chosen can create the feeling of extra space in a small apartment. And we’re not just talking about walls - painting the floor and celings with different shades can truly create the feeling of a room within a room. Here are Agnes’s favourite ideas.

Picture of a room painted in 2 different shades
Picture of a room with the walls in peach-coloured paint
Picture of a room with the walls in peach and gray-coloured paint

“I really like mixing strong highlights in the furniture and accessories. It always works well with softer wall shades.”


Picture of a room painted in two different colours

For this room, Agnes mixed together the two shades that cover walls, ceiling and floor. We really like how this not only gives you the feel of a bigger space, but frees you to be creative with other colours among your furniture and accessories. Even the bird on the left can’t help but feel the awesomeness.

Close-up of shoes and slippers on a floor in two colours

“Creating borders with colours is such a simple concept! I think it’s something we should definitely use more.”


Made by

Interior designer: Agnes Hammar
Photographer: Sandra Werud
Editor: Linda Harkell