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Choose wool: it’s durable, natural, beautiful!

Living more consciously at home can be as simple as the materials you choose. Find out why wool makes a better choice – for the environment, your home and skilled rug weavers in India.

Blue and grey rugs laid out and rolled up in a wooden room, looking out onto a field of sheep.
Blue and grey rugs laid out and rolled up in a wooden room, looking out onto a field of sheep.

Why wool is a good choice

As long as there is grass to graze, sheep will produce a new fleece each year. This is why wool is a truly natural, sustainable and renewable fibre. But it doesn’t stop there. Wool has many properties which make it perfect for the home, especially on floors. It’s strong, highly thermal, breathable and, due to its naturally high fat content, is resistant to stains and smells.

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Celebrate uniqueness

Rug designs at IKEA stretch from the modern to the traditional. The genuine handmade craftsmanship that goes into every rug ensures a warm and unique finish that can’t be replicated by machines.

Natural wool fibre is long-lasting, strong and naturally stain resistant – making it the perfect choice for carpets and rugs.

Weaving a better future for workers

India has a rich rug-making history. “In 2011, we launched the Made by People initiative to improve weavers’ working conditions,” says Kushal Chakravorty, Business Development Manager at IKEA. “As well as ensuring regular wages and a safe environment, we set up training schools and developed a new loom that requires less strength to operate it – now more women are becoming weavers.”

By protecting and nurturing the interests of weavers, the IKEA Made By People initiative is transforming the handmade rug industry in India.

Kushal Chakravorty, Business Development Manager

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