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Bright ideas to fill a kid’s room

01 February 2016

In Sara’s family home, Alma (6) moved into the biggest bedroom so that two of her older brothers could each have their own room. ‘It’s great she has so much space now,’ says Sara. ‘But I wanted to make it cosy and fun for her too so she felt comfortable and confident.’ Read on for a few of the ideas she introduced…

Children’s bedroom
Make a child’s room snug and cosy

Use textiles to make a bed more snug

Make a bed in a large room feel safe and secure by adding soft bedding and rugs in favourite colours and hanging a curtain. ‘Alma loves the curtain because it turns her bed into a cosy den,’ says Sara. ‘She uses it for play as well as sleep, and loves it when her older brothers drop by to read her a story.’

A creative desk space


Encourage children’s independence with a creative workspace of their own that they can also use for homework. ‘Alma loves to write, draw and make things,’ says Sara. ‘She always has several projects on the go, like the monsters. We added small storage to help keep her materials organised and a picture ledge where she can show her creations.’

A picture of Alma playing


A small table makes a great addition to a play area – perfect for drawing and games. ‘Most of the time, Alma likes to play in the living room downstairs, so she’ll take her toys down there,’ says Sara. ‘But if she has friends over, they like to come up here, where they often spread everything out for a tea party.’

‘Alma’s room is where she can grow, play and feel secure. It’s all her own – she loves it’

Sara, accountant, Sweden

Made by

Photography: Polly Wreford
Styling: Åsa Dyberg