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Anton’s tips for plant displays

01 May 2016
Creating beautiful pockets of green within his home is something of a passion for Anton in Seoul. ‘I like mixing things up; botanical textiles, real plants, fakes ones, terrariums – it creates interesting textures and it’s a lot easier to maintain,’ he says. Try out some of his top tips for bringing greenery into your home! 
Create pockets of green to bring the outdoors in
Anton uses botanical prints to add a splash of summer

If you haven’t got an outside space, why not create your own indoor oasis? Anton injected a splash of summer greenery next to his living room window using botanical prints. ‘The prints help to create a seamless view from the real nature through to the pretend!’

Use old crates to grow and display herbs

Old crates are a great storage option for plants. Keeping a few in one portable space means it’s easy to move them in one go – ideal if you’ve filled yours with herbs and want them close to where you cook, or when you want to give them all a dose of sunshine!

Terrariums are a fun, low-maintenance option for indoor greenery

For a closed terrarium, try humidity-loving plants or fake succulents for a zero-maintenance option. ‘They’re easy to make,’ says Anton. ‘I use mini figures from model train sets and arrange them in unexpected places. They make guests laugh.’

‘There’s something about real plants that you just can’t replace, but you only need a few real ones mixed in with the fake to
create a real sense of nature’

Anton, IKEA interior designer, South Korea

Mix up shapes and sizes to create interesting contrasts

Experiment with shape and size

Anton is a collector by nature, so his home is full of interesting displays, and this arrangement of plants, terrariums and succulents is no exception. ‘The mix of shapes – tall vases with long branches and shorter, stocky terrarium jars and trays of succelents – make such a pleasing contrast on the eye,’
he says.

Portrait of Anton

‘Filling my home with greenery and nature-inspired themes has helped to create a soothing sanctuary in my busy city location’

Made by

Photography: Lina Ikse
Styling: Ashlyn Gibson