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A white kitchen with a colourful personality

01 September 2015

A blank canvas is a dream for anyone who wants to create a space unique to them. Crafter Nicole has livened up her white kitchen with subtle bursts of colour and pattern that brighten up the room and show off her personality and love of crafting.

Add colourful accents to inject personality into a white kitchen

“The kitchen’s our main room; it’s connected to the living room, so we spend most of our time there. I love it because it’s open, and the lightest place in the house.”

Nicole, blogger, Hamburg

Before: Nicole’s kitchen

Before: more storage needed

‘Our last kitchen was actually quite similar to this one – it was also a white L-shape. It’s a layout that works for us. I like that I don’t have to vanish behind a door when I’m cooking for family or guests. This open design means whoever is cooking is in the middle of it all, chatting and laughing. But this new kitchen is clever. We wanted more room and it’s amazing how much extra storage and surface space we have using the same two walls. We made all the cabinets higher, and wider. The old kitchen had legs, and enough room underneath for Pepper the cat to hide beneath the cabinets. So he was pretty angry when we fitted the METOD, because it reaches right to the floor. We’ve got much more storage space but he has to hide elsewhere!’

Create a fun recycling area that’s practical for family and guests

Recycle, recycle, recycle

‘Our recycling station is new. Having it inside makes preparing a meal so much simpler – we don’t have to constantly nip outside to sort packaging. We have separate bins in the kitchen for paper, plastics and glass. Most people in Germany are good at recycling and try to do other things as well – we compost fruit and veg leftovers in the garden, and I use homemade fabric bags instead of plastic ones for shopping. We used to get splash marks from the dishwasher on the wall, so we painted it with chalkboard paint and decorated it with instructions!’

Complement neutral dining furniture with colourful accessories
Display quirky collections on open storage like Nicole’s white vases and stotage jars

Add colour

‘I stick to neutrals when it comes to furniture – like our white kitchen and matching dining table – but I love to have colour in all the accessories that I add. Colourful things feel so optimistic and happy.’


Start a practical collection

‘I have a serious addiction to white vases. I buy them from flea markets, find them online and in stores, mixing in a few new ones with the old. They don’t just look pretty – I use them too!’

Colour coordinate

‘I like to improve the look of the house all over, in little ways. I stack plates and bowls by colour in the drawers. It’s a practical way to keep matching sets together, it’s pretty and it makes setting the table really easy.’


Decant your spices

‘We like to use recipes from all around the world, so we have a big collection of seasonings. Kitchen organising features like these drawers for spice jars are great – they make it easier to see what needs a top up.’

Stacks of colour coordinated crockery are pretty and make setting the table simple
Clear spice jars are brilliant for checking which need a top up

Photography Line Ikse  Styling Emily Henson