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A part-time family bedroom for a full-time mum

15 April 2014
Being a parent isn’t something you can switch off, but you can create a grown-up bedroom that switches into a family-friendly dorm for when the kids are staying.
Bedroom with IKEA bed, laptop table, floor lamp, rug and storage benches.
Same room with the IKEA curtain room divider drawn back showing two kids’ beds behind.

Hey! who put those there?

They might not be here all the time, but the time they are here is magical. And with the swish of a curtain, something amazing happens - a secret room for the kids right behind mum’s bed. With the curtain open, it’s one big family dorm room with space to play and read.
It’s a space that manages to work as well for mum when she’s alone as it does for the whole family when they’re together. Take a look at the video to see what we mean.
 Close-up of IKEA STUVA storage benches with sheepskins and cushions on top.
If you’re sharing a room with your kids, you’re going to need some serious storage. These storage benches don’t just give you plenty of room for toys, they also double as seating with the help of some cosy pillows and throws on top.
IKEA wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors, partly open to show kids and adult clothes inside.
To create enough storage space for three peoples’ clothes, we chose a tall wardrobe with flexible interiors that we could customise to accommodate mum and the kids. The mirrored doors make the room look bigger and they slide too, saving on floorspace.
Close-up of under the bed storage storage box, slightly pulled out from the bed.

A place for all their must-haves

Keep their favourite things safe for the next time they visit with under the bed storage.
Close-up of IKEA open wall cabinet storing books, toys and alarm clock.

A bedside nook

With space at a premium, we used a wooden box as a bedside table
and bookcase. Painted white to blend in with the wall, it’s compact
but big enough for a few books and other bits and pieces. Wall hooks above give them a place for other personal items.
Close-up of a white IKEA wall lamp above a child’s bed.

Lights up, lights out!

Everyone needs a light by their bed. Fix one to the wall above the pillow for another smart way to save on space.