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A house of pattern, colour and detail

01 November 2015

Nicole’s been creative for as long as she can remember. ‘All my life, I’ve felt the need to do something with my hands; even when I was a tiny girl my pockets were always full of gifts for my grandparents. Maybe that’s why I feel so confident with colour and pattern.’ She lives with Stephan and their 13-year-old daughter Luzie. ‘This isn’t a typical German house,’ says Luzie. ‘But I like it!’

Display fun collections on open shelves and mix and match with books and pictures
Blogger Nicole and husband Stephan

“You spend most of your lifetime in your home, so it should be a happy, positive place that represents your personality.”

Nicole, blogger, Hamburg

Offset white or neutral coloured walls with colourful textiles and well-balanced details

Colourful changes

‘I enjoy following trends, which is why most of the walls and the furniture in the house are plain white, so I can give a room a completely new look just by changing the cushions, or the wallpaper in the corner.’ Nicole

Nicole’s kitchen and dining room is a multifunctional space acts as the family’s hub

The do-everything space

The kitchen-dining room is the family’s hub, and it’s where Nicole works, sews and cooks. ‘During the week, Luzie and I eat together when she gets home from school. When she was younger, this was also where she played and painted. Now she’s a teenager, she likes having her own space – but I still enjoy the times when we work together!’

‘I love all the little decorative pieces and accessories that make a house a home – they’re very important to me’


Luzie’s colourful yet calm room is perfectly arranged for her to relax, do homework and rest

Teen space

‘I love my room, so I spend a lot of time up here; doing homework, reading, listening to music,’ says Luzie. ‘But I go downstairs if we’re having a family movie night or a meal together.’ See more of Luzie’s room here

Nicole turned the spare room into a family dressing room to save space in the main bedrooms
Use a combination of open and closed storage to organise seasonal clothes

Family dressing room

‘We decided to free up space in our small bedrooms by keeping all our clothes in the spare bedroom. We all have different morning schedules, so we don’t get in each other’s way.’


An open wardrobe

‘We’re the only ones who see this room, so it can get a bit messy. I try to declutter every few years, and we keep our summer things in boxes, when our winter clothes are folded on the shelves, and vice versa.’

Sunny hallway storage

‘It might seem crazy to build a whole room’s décor around one colour, but that’s what I’ve done! I have a crush on the ’70s – these happy yellow tones remind me of my childhood and they brighten up this dark space where there isn’t much natural light.’


Space-savvy basics

‘We’ve had this STOLMEN storage ever since we moved in. The hallway is quite an awkward shape, but the unit fitted so perfectly here. In the drawers we keep little things such as umbrellas and gloves, and in a box on the top shelf we store winter hats and scarves.’

Brighten up a dark hallway with a colourful yellow theme
Make a small hallway or awkward area work using clever open storage
Floorplan of Nicole and Stephan’s home

A house full of shared spaces

Most of Nicole and Stephan’s ground floor is taken up by their open plan kitchen-living area, which makes sense, because it’s where they spend nearly all of their time. It’s a flexible space – they can swing the dining table around to seat their whole family, and wheel the coffee table to the side of the room. They all keep their clothes in the shared dressing room upstairs, stopping their small bedrooms from feeling cluttered.