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A fresh take on transforming your furniture with paint

01 July 2015

We all have pieces of furniture that we get tired of. And we usually look to change them somehow – paint them, deconstruct them, decorate them. But what if we changed our perspective instead? That’s what blogger Agnes Hammar of Hej Regina helped us do. She joined us in the lab to show us that we don’t necessarily need to fix the furniture – maybe we just need to freshen up what’s around it instead.

A picture of shelves with a painted wall behind
A picture of wall lamps above cabinet

 “Paint your own beams of light so that lamps feel lit up even when they’re turned off.”


A picture of the corner of a room and a reading nook

For this idea, Agnes cut an old round rug to fit into the corner. Then she just added some paint to designate where the room ends and this cosy reading corner begins. 

A picture of a bed with pillows and a painted wall behind

 “Skip the classic headboard and frame in your bed with some mountains instead. Tape makes it easy to get nice & straight lines!”


A picture of chests of drawers and a decorated wall.

 “Transform your storage into a skyline. This is a simple way to make mixed & matched storage look tied together.”


So the next time you find yourself itching to breathe some new life into an old piece of furniture, maybe you’ll at least consider how you could breathe some life into the wall behind it instead!