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A feel-good bedroom sanctuary

01 September 2015

Even a tiny bedroom can be a place of calm. By adding natural and practical elements to her walls and window Marloes has made her bedroom in the Netherlands into an ordered, tranquil space where she can recharge. Try these three ideas from her bedroom.

White bedroom with bold textiles and hanging plants in window

‘Keeping my bedroom organised and free of clutter makes it a relaxing place I love to spend time in’

Marloes, student, Delft

1. make a hanging garden

If space is limited and you don’t have a window sill, hang potted plants from hooks fixed to the walls, ceiling or a curtain rail. ‘I made my own macramé pot holders to hang in the window from the curtain pole,’ says Marloes. ‘At night I just slide them out of the way so I can close the curtain.’

Fit an extra rail under a shelf to hang clothes

2. fit an extra clothes rail

Create a handy place to hang clothes that are used daily or outfits you’ve planned for the next day. ‘The hanging rail under my bookshelf is a simple open-storage solution as well as a nice way to freshen up clothes that don’t need washing yet,’ Marloes explains. ‘It also means we use the washing machine less, which is always a good thing!’

3. create a feel-good ‘shelfie’

Small and meaningful things on a shelf can make a bedroom more relaxing without taking up much space. ‘I like to keep eucalyptus leaves in a glass to release a soothing scent into the room (I just give them a bit of a shake), and tealights always create a comforting glow at night,’ says Marloes. ‘The toy camper van was a gift from my boyfriend, Dean, to remind me of happy holidays with friends. It puts a smile on my face!’

Portrait of student Marloes relaxing on her bed

‘It doesn’t matter so much that our bedroom is small, as long as we can relax here at the end of the day’

Marloes, student, Delft

Photography Lina Ikse  Styling Åsa Dyberg