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6 kid-friendly windowsill garden projects

17 March 2016

The catalogue this year is all about celebrating life in and around the kitchen. We thought we’d jump on that theme and use one of their kitchen sets to show off some easy (and tasty) plant projects that use old or leftover stuff from around the house and can be grown right on the windowsill.

Come see 6 easy plant projects that use old stuff from around the house and can be grown right on the windowsill.

1. FRESH PEAS AND FORKS help make a tasty project. You can plant dried peas with some soil and a little water and they pop up super quickly. We put them in cans and used forks to help them grow straight.

2. A JURASSIC STYLE CRESS GARDEN is great because it grows really quickly and tastes good too. You can put them on cotton balls or soil and they’re knee high to a dinosaur in a week. Then just snip the tops to harvest them.

This is fun, this old soccerball popped so we filled it with soil and some cress seeds.

3. AN EDIBLE BARBERSHOP could be fun! This old soccerball popped so we cut off the top and took out the rubber middle, then cut a few holes in the bottom, filled it with soil and some cress seeds. 2 weeks later and we got this. We think it could be almost as fun to practice hairstyles as well as to eat.

4. PET BOTTLES ARE PERFECT plant pots, you can cut a pet bottle in two and half fill one with water and the other with some drainage rocks, soil and a veggies like these beans. And there you have your own self watering plant pot. 

PET bottles are like natural plant pots.

5. ANOTHER PLANTER IDEA is to cut the top of a clear PET bottle, then make holes at different levels and stick in onion bulbs (just make sure the tops are pointing out). A little sunshine and water, and you’ll get green shoots like this in about 2 weeks.

6. CUPCAKE HOLDERS ARE JUST AS GOOD as pots for seedlings as they are for making sweet treats. When your seedlings grow too big, wash them out and you’re ready to bake again.

Made by

Interior designer: Bibi Persson
Digital designer: Cecilia Höglund/Ane Bang
Copywriter: James Rynd
Photographer: Mats Ekdahl
Editor: Linda Harkell