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5 ways to shred your IKEA catalogue (we’re cool with it!)

01 August 2015

With our brand new catalogue on the way, we asked our interior designers for some fresh ideas for recycling the old one. Here’s what Nathalie and Stella dreamed up.

1. an easy garland

1. Start by folding a piece of paper, cutting any shape you want (making sure to have two layers attached at the fold).

2. Fold the paper over the string and glue the pieces together with a glue stick.

3. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Bunting made of pages from the IKEA catalogue

“This is such an easy and fun project to do, especially with others. You can zone out over chit chat and have a few garlands done in no time.”

-Stella, Interior Designer

2. a diy coaster

1. Take a catalogue page and keep folding it over itself to get a 1 cm. wide strip. You’ll need about 25 strips to make a standard sized coaster.
2. Swipe the inside of each with a glue stick and start rolling the strips.

3. Kick back, enjoy a drink, and admire your handy work.



“Personal touches like this can make such a difference in your home. This coaster is totally functional, but the added twist is one-of-a-kind.”

-Nathalie, Interior Designer


Bundled strips of pages from the IKEA catalogue being stapled together

3. hanging art

1. Tear a page from your catalogue and cut it length-wise into your desired width.

2. Staple the ends together.

3. Repeat this with as many pages as you like, clipping them together to form small bundles.

4. Arrange the bundles together to make a larger piece.

Bundled strips of pages from the IKEA catalogue placed on a table
Bundled strips of pages from the IKEA catalogue hanging on strings from a metal stand

“This is pretty simple, but the end result creates a surprisingly strong impact. You can go big and bold or keep it pared down and simple.”

-Stella, Interior Designer

Folded pages of the IKEA catalogue being cut into strips with a pair of scissors

4. the paper lantern

1. Start with a REGOLIT paper lamp as your base.

2. Fold a couple catalogue pages in half and cut thin strips, stopping 1 or 2 cm. from the top (see image at right).

3. Carefully cut the pages along the spine using a scalpel.

4. Cut each set in half crosswise to make two short sections rather than one long one. That way they’re easier to handle.

5. Glue them in rows to the lamp, and poof up the strips a bit, for more body and dimension.

6. Done!

Strips of pages from the IKEA catalogue being glued in rows to a rice paper lamp shade
Strips of pages from the IKEA catalogue being glued to a rice paper lamp shade
Close-up of shredded strips of pages from the IKEA catalogue

5. present perfect

Need some filler paper? Just run your catalogue through the shredder. It’s great for wrapping a fragile gift.

Bonus tip: A plain white mug, black porcelain paint and a bit of imagination make for a cool, personalised present.

Shredded strips of pages from the IKEA catalogue being used as gift box filling