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5 ways to make your halls room epic

01 August 2015

It’s hard to feel motivated when your space is totally bland. So it’s time to take your room to the next level and create an atmosphere you really want to be in. These decoration ideas might not make late night study sessions any easier, but they’ll definitely make your space a lot more inspiring. Trust us, it’s possible.

Strips of fabric tied to hula hoops and hung above a bed.

Hoop dreams

You’re never too old for a cosy canopy, right? Make a grownup version by tying long strips of fabric to a hula hoop (or three) and hanging it above your bed.

Strips of fabric tied to hula hoops seen from below.
Close-up of strips of fabric.
A person tying strips of fabric to a hula hoop.

Picture perfect

A photo garland feels festive and personal at the same time. Make it totally you by adding notes, tickets stubs and other mementos.

A person attaching pictures to a string.
Pictures and cards hanging on strings.
Pictures attached to the wall with blue tape.

The hanging garden

Need some privacy from your chatty roommate? How about a mood booster? Try a simple room divider made from a curtain and faux flowers. Hang the curtain from a rod, cutting it into strips and leaving the top intact so it can still be pulled back and forth. Simply knot as many stems as you like into each strip.

A person tying a white ribbon to an artificial flower.
A white curtain cut into strips.
Different artificial flowers hanging in white ribbons.
Black tape on a wall shaped as a window.

What a view

Liven up boring wall space with a bit of decorative tape. Yup, you heard that right. Grab a roll and add the windows you wish you had.

A person attaching black tape to a wall.
A black rod filled with rolls of tape in black and green.
Black tape on a wall shaped as a picture frames.
A wall filled with framed old records.

Record time

Put your love of music on display! Vintage vinyl records have a really cool, graphic look. Mix things up by varying the sizes and framing only about half of them.

Browse our photo frames.

A wall filled with framed old records




A black picture frame and old records.




A person hanging a picture frame on the wall.