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5 fun outdoor games from 1 length of fabric

01 July 2015

Want to lure the kids away from the tv and into the sunshine? Maybe we can help! We had this long length of stripy metre fabric and thought’d it be fun to play around a bit and see how many outdoor kids activities we could use it for. Turns out that with a little creativity and a pair of scissors, there was a bunch – starting with this simple tent that we just hung over a length of twine.

Fabric tent for kids idea

An outdoor theater

We took our fabric and cut it in two to make these oudoor theatre curtains. All you need to add is a clothesline and pegs to hold it up, and some props for a performance.

This GIF shows an easy memory game. Made by sewing different fabrics to each other

The giant memory game

Cut up one of the theatre curtains into squares then sew matching pairs on the other side to make this outdoor memory game. How’s it work? You have stripy fabric on one side, matching pairs on the other, now to just remember where they are.

This game is fun! Hang a length of fabric on a line and cut holes of different sizes so that kids shoot through them with different sized balls.

Shoot and score

This one’s made by cutting holes in different sizes on the other theatre curtain. Add some numbers for points and a few different size balls and it’s a great challenge. We think this would be super fun for kid’s parties, too.

Use circles of fabric on the ground so that kids can hop between them for an easy outdoor game.

The ground is lava!

What to do with the holes you’ve cut out? Another game of course! Hop along the fabric circles and make sure not to touch the ground (make that lava!) underneath.