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4 ways to reserve some space in a busy public place

17 June 2016

You know how it is. The sun is shining, you head outdoors, and 100 000 people also have the same idea. A big enough crowd can make even the most social of us crave a little privacy. But you don’t have to be banished back to the backyard. We took the IKEA Idea’s team mobile to test out a couple of ways to make the outdoors your own (at least for the day).

hanging strings of lights in a tree help make a private outdoor relaxing area.
hanging strings of lights in a tree help make a private outdoor relaxing area.

1. PARKS + SUNSHINE = SUPER CROWDED. One way to take over a small section is with the help of a friendly tree and some hanging lights. By hanging these ones curtain style, they block the crowd in the daytime and make a magical atmosphere at night. 

Make a textile beach shelter

2. BOOKING YOUR OWN PATCH OF BEACH REAL ESTATE is made a whole lot easier with a textile windscreen. This one can be easily carried on a bike and adjusted to block the breeze or for more privacy.Here’s how to make it!

Two parasols and an outdoor rug make even the busiest bench more private.

3. EVEN BUSY WORK LUNCHES can benefit from the privacy treatment. With a couple of parasols to block people watchers, a rug on the ground and cushions for comfort, the busiest bench can become a private oasis.

An umbrella with strips of fabric attached make a pricacy umbrella.

4. IF YOU CAN'T AVOID THE CROWDS you might want to try this “ privacy umbrella” tested here by our designers Emilia and Lasse. To make, just take a regular umbrella, hang strips of fabric to make a curtain, and you’re all set to wander in peace.

Made by

Interior designer: Emilia Ljungberg
Digital designer: Lasse Johansson
Copywriter: James Rynd
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Editor: Linda Harkell