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3 ways to organise your drawers

01 July 2015

‘You can transform an out-of-control drawer into a calm, orderly one in just a few minutes,’ says stylist Carl Braganza. ‘All you need is interior storage. I was inspired by three collections to create these simple solutions.’

View of blue MALM chest of drawers with internal storage compartments. Bright textiles in foreground.
View of travel writer Phil with mix of possessions laid out on the floor.

‘Travel is a big part of what I do, but it means I accumulate a lot of stuff,’ says musician Phil. ‘My travel drawer at home is a mess – I just shove everything in with my clothes.’

‘Compartments for adaptors, currency and other travel essentials are incredibly handy. I almost missed a flight once because I couldn’t find my passport – I’d hate to go through that again!’

‘Sometimes I have to pack for work abroad at short notice. It helps to know where all my travel essentials are’ Phil 

View of Laura at bathroom sink with pull out drawer filled with make-up. Large mirror on blue wall.

‘I have a lot of nail varnishes,’ says make-up lover Laura. ‘Maybe a few too many! I tend to hoard foundations too. I’ve got shoeboxes full of it all.’

‘I like having my make-up organised – it’s handy knowing where everything is, rather than having to rummage around. It makes getting ready much easier.’

‘There’s not much else I own that’s as well organised as my make-up. As long as it’s sorted, I’m happy’ Laura

View of Vince. NORNAS chest of drawers filled with t. shirts. Pictures and leather chair in background.

‘I have loads of T-shirts,’ says up-and-coming designer Vince. ‘I like making them for friends or myself and want to start my own fabric-printing business. They’re usually stuffed in the wardrobe or heaped on a chair.’

‘When I tidy up I like to really go for it, so these SKUBB boxes are perfect. It’s nice to be able to go freestyle and be creative in small ways – I created personalised drawer fronts in just 10 minutes.’

‘Having my T-shirts organised feels good. I don’t mind if the rest of my bedroom is messy if I have a foundation of order’ Vince