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3 totally perfect party favours

01 May 2016

When it comes to special occasions, we all want to throw the best party ever. Luckily, bigger and pricier doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s about the company you keep, the atmosphere you set, and the small, unique touches that make your event feel special. And of course that final impression that seals the deal: the party favours.

A shot from above of cookie dough ingredients, jars, and cookie cutters on a pink background.

1. WHO DOESN’T LIKE HOMEMADE COOKIES?  We’re pretty sure they don’t exist, which is exactly what makes this  party favour a surefire hit. Just use your favourite recipe, layering the dry ingredients in a jar, with the wet ingredients listed on a tag attached with a ribbon. Top it off with a cute cookie cutter and you’re all set.

Moss and branches sit in a window with glass bottles filled with green juice.

2. PARTIED A LITTLE TOO HARD? Fear not. Our digital designer, Annie, has the perfect day-after cure. Send each guest home with their own bottle to sip on the next morning. Trust us, they’ll thank you.

Juice 5 apples, 2 peeled lemons, 4 celery stalks, 1/4 fennel bulb, 1 broccoli stalk, 10 cm of peeled ginger, and 1 large bunch of parsley.

Remember, everyone’s taste is different, so feel free to adjust the amounts as you go along!

Paper cups are filled with popcorn and topped with a finger puppet.
Paper cups are filled with popcorn and topped with a finger puppet. One cup is tipped over with popcorn spilling out.

3. THE PARTY’S NOT OVER JUST BECAUSE ALL THE KIDS WENT HOME. Send them on their way with some popcorn (like they need more sugar after all that cake!), and a finger puppet.

Made by

Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Digital designer: Annie Svensson
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Photographer: Max Alm-Norell
Editor: Linda Harkell