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3 totally doable holiday lighting tricks

01 October 2015

Wintertime in Sweden (our home turf) is big on cozy lighting. Hey, it’s dark up here! Think lots and lots of candles. Sure we love them but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit. Here are a few illuminating ideas to try out this season.

A close-up image of different sizes of IKEA CYLINDER vases, decorated with paper cutouts of landscapes, filled with water and a floating candle.
IKEA STRÅLA LED lanterns are hung with rustic ribbons from a white wire clothes hanger to create a holiday lighting decoration.

1. SO SIMPLE AND A BIT RUSTIC, this DIY solution makes a big impact. Just tie ribbons of different lengths to STRÅLA LED lanterns and hang them from a clothes hanger (we think white wire is perfect). It really couldn’t be easier.

IKEA STÖPEN LED candles are hung with twine from metal bands to create a decorative chandelier.

2. CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT operated candles with this industrial-feeling chandelier. Create two rings, one slightly larger than the other, with metal bands. Hang the candles with twine and fasten the chandelier to a bracket. 

3. THIS ONE IS SUPER SIMPLE! Cut a winter landscape out of white paper (it can be as minimal or intricate as you like), wrap it around a cylinder vase and fasten with tape. Top it off with water, add a floating candle, and there you have it—easiest lighting decoration ever.

Made by

Photographer: Mats Ekdahl
Interior designer: Lina Aldén
Copy writer: Vanessa Algotsson
Editor: Linda Harkell