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3 super simple holiday window decorations

01 November 2015

Here they come: the holidays. For a season that’s supposed to be so fun, there’s an awful lot to stress over. Here’s how we create an atmosphere that feels festive and warm, but doesn’t require shelling out a ton of money or energy.

IKEA KONICIS cookie cutters haning in a window, used as decorations

1. We love cookie cutters, because, well… We love pretty much anything that has to do with cookies. These were spray-painted gold and hung from a simple branch. So easy. So sweet.

In a window, the bottom of a white curtain is decorated with IKEA DECO ornaments

2. In Sweden, Christmas-themed curtains are found all over during the holidays. Our take? Using curtains you already own, hang your favorite ornaments from the bottom. It’s easy to personalise, and when the holiday season is over, the curtains can go back to their usual look.

A window is decorated with an easy winter wonderland landscape, made with small paper houses, trees, and snowflakes.

3. Create a simple, yet lovely, winter landscape in a windowsill with the help of minimalist decorations. Paper trees, translucent VINDRUVA greenhouses, and even stick-on floor protectors (they make surprisingly perfect snowflakes!).