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3 quick tips for your next picnic

17 March 2016

Everyone loves a good picnic. But all that packing to get there can be a drag. Fret not! Here are some very helpful hints to simplify it all.

A blanket, pillows and chair are set up and ready for a picnic.

A good picnic blanket is key, but why not add a few other pieces for extra comfort? Load up the back of your bike with some pillows and a lawn chair. And instead of a traditional wicker basket, try a large, plastic one like TORKIS. It’s spacious, holds a ton, plus it’s easy to clean. (Oh, and this amazing bike hits stores in August!)

A shot from above of a picnic basket filled with essentials like foor and a blanket.
How many times has a plastic fork snapped in half right as you’re about to dig into something delicious? The real deal is so much better. Line them up in a cloth napkin and roll them to keep them in order and save your fingers from nicks.
And bring along some pretty glasses (instead of plastic cups). It gives any picnic a more elevated feel. Try wrapping them in cloth napkins, a much prettier alternative to boring old paper towels. 
A close-up image of cutlery laid ounto a white linen napkin. A close-up image of a two glasses, one wrapped in a white linen napkin and one not.
A close-up image of an open cooler bag sitting on a picnic blanket.
A water bottle that doubles as an ice pack? Brilliant! Frozen, it keeps the food in your cooler bag nice and chilled. Melted, drink up.
Looking for some picnic food inspiration? We’ve got some ideas for you right over here!

Made by

Interior designer: Lina Aldén
Digital designer: Annie Svensson
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Photographer: Kristian Krebs
Editor: Linda Harkell