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3 ideas to boost wellbeing at home

01 February 2015

Dedicating a few moments to energise your day, or help you unwind at its end, is time well spent. ‘My work often leaves me quite stretched,’ says stylist Åsa Dyberg. ‘Taking time out can feel like a luxury, when it isn’t – so I really enjoyed coming up with these ideas for rebalancing at home.’

Start the day well: a dressing area just for you

‘Taking time to get ready helps prepare for the day. A desk can easily become a dressing table with a mirror (or two!). Keep accessories at hand and consider an open clothes rail to help you choose what to wear. When the day is done, you can enjoy the same ritual in reverse.’



‘Taking time out can feel like a luxury, when it isn’t’

Reconnect with nature: an indoor potting table

‘Planting is one of the best ways to slow down a busy mind. A mix of containers in different sizes, colours and materials will look visually striking yet relaxed – a pleasure to look at as much as to tend to. Try plants with scented flowers or herbs to soothe and stimulate your senses.’

Åsa Dyberg, stylist

‘Time spent on small rituals – getting ready, tending plants, relaxing – helps to boost your wellbeing at home’ 

Åsa Dyberg, stylist