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1 cool way to show off 3 types of collections

01 January 2016

We all have our thing. Some random piece we’re drawn to and can’t bring ourselves to part with. Whatever your thing is, we’re all for showing it off. We’ve chosen three: frames, artwork and hats. Each starts with the same foundation: a curtain rod. To create a strong visual impact, hang it up high (lower it a bit if your ceiling is really high). If you want to use more than one wall, or even the whole room, try a curtain rod connector to wrap around the corners. Then get started hanging...

A close-up image of different types of frames hung from an IKEA HUGAD curtain rod with leather straps.
Different types of frames are hung from an IKEA HUGAD curtain rod with leather straps.


Place the frames on the floor and arrange them as you’d like to see them on the wall. Make things interesting by mixing up the order, so that similar colours or sizes aren’t clumped together. You can even place smaller frames inside larger ones.

These leather straps were really easy to make. Buy some leather from a fabric store, cut them into different lengths (so the frames won’t all hang at the same level), and attached snaps to them. Just wrap it around the rod and the frame and keep going with the rest. Done!

Different pieces of artwork are hung from an IKEA HUGAD curtain rod with IKEA BUMERANG pants hangers.


So now that we’ve hung frames without artwork, how about some artwork without frames? We swapped out the leather straps for pants hangers. Voilà.

An interior designer sits on the floor painting a piece of artwork.
IKEA BUMERANG pants hangers holding pieces of artwork hang from the back of a chair.
An interior designer hangs an IKEA BUMERANG pants hanger holding a piece of artwork from a rod.
Different hats are hung from an IKEA HUGAD curtain rod with IKEA ENUDDEN hangers with clips.


They’re statement makers, for sure. They’re also really awkward to store. Why not show them off and give them a place to call home all at once?  Minimal ENUDDEN hangers with clips do the trick.

Made by

Photographer: Sandra Werud
Interior designer: Lina Aldén
Digital designer: Annie Svensson
Copy writer: Vanessa Algotsson
Editor: Linda Harkell