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Finance Services

At IKEA, we want to ensure that everyone can create a home that matches their style and personality, not just their budget. That’s why we offer interest-free credit and are exploring adding more financing options in the future.

With our Finance Services, you can create a home as unique as you, and there’s always more than one way to pay.


Interest-free credit | Finance for Business | FAQ

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An IKEA Kitchen under a loft with stairs

Interest-free credit

Our Finance Services offer interest-free credit for every type of project, from redecorating a small space to full renovation. Apply for interest-free credit and get an answer quickly. Enjoy fixed monthly payments with no interest and no processing fees.

Apply for Interest-free credit

You will be redirected to our financial partner Ikano Bank

Remember to include any chosen service eg: installation, delivery or collection services, if required.

Enjoy the benefits


When you're applying for interest-free credit, our process is quick and easy.


It’s your home — on your terms. Select how you pay and spread out your payments over time.


With a flexible payment schedule, you can afford to refresh that room right here, right now.

Finance for your business

Your business, your terms

Whether you’re overhauling your whole office or rethinking your at-home workspace, Finance for your business can help you find a financing setup that gets you ready to do your best work yet.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, we offer interest-free credit (0% APR Representative) from £99 to £15,000 when shopping in-store, online or through an online planning appointment. ​Our Interest-free credit is available over different time periods, depending on how much you borrow:​​

    Amount                                      Duration

    Between £99​ - £299                   3 or 6 months

    Between £300 - £599                 3, 6 or 10 months

    Between £600​ - £1,199              3, 6, 10 or 18 months

    Between £1,200 - £2,999​           6, 10, 18 or 24 months 

    Between £3,000​ - £4,499          10, 18, 24 or 36 months

    Between £4,500 - £15,000        24, 36 or 48 months

    You can apply for finance on all IKEA products (except IKEA Food) and include your delivery/collection or kitchen installation. ​

  • You can use a loan with our Interest-free credit on all our products except IKEA Food products purchased at the IKEA Swedish Food Market, IKEA Restaurant and IKEA Bistro. Please note that installation and delivery/collection services can be included in the loan amount when applying for a loan.​​

  • You can return or exchange any IKEA furniture purchased with our Interest-free credit, in line with our IKEA refunds policy. The refund will be processed by Ikano Bank against your finance agreement in place, a refund is not issued by the store nor contact centre. ​

    If you need to pay for our kitchen installation, delivery or collection services, you can add them to the amount you’re looking to borrow applying  for your loan.​