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Scan and pack as you shop

With the IKEA app, you can now save time by scanning purchases as you shop and paying at the dedicated check-out on your way out.

Now available at all IKEA stores except IKEA Greenwich.

How it works | FAQ

Woman scanning items on her mobile using the IKEA App

How it works

Download IKEA App

Download the IKEA app, turn on scan mode in your account settings and select your store

Scan your products as you shop

Simply scan the barcodes of items you pick up and pack as you shop.

For larger self-serve items, make a note of the aisle and location, and scan the barcode when you pick it up.

Alternatively, where available, scan the QR-code below the price tag to add it to your shopping list. After payment, the product will be ready to pick up in the customer service area, located after the check-outs.

Pay as you exit

Once you're done shopping, head to the dedicated check-out on your way out to complete your purchase.

To pay, simply scan the unique QR code for your shopping bag with all the items you've scanned along the way.

Don't forget to head to the customer service area after the checkout to pick up any larger items you may have scanned the QR code for.

Frequently asked questions

  • No, the scan and pack feature is in the IKEA App. To activate the scanner, simply scan a QR code found around the store or you can activate it in your profile settings.

    Please note, camera access needs to be enabled for the IKEA App in order to scan the QR code and activate and use scan mode.

  • You can activate scan more by:

    • using the toggle in your profile settings in the app
    • scanning the QR code displayed around the store
  • You do not need to have an IKEA Family account in order to use scan and pack, you can checkout as a guest, however by having and logging into an IKEA Family account, you can access IKEA Family discounts, access your purchase history, create wish lists and more!

  • For iOS phones, go to your Settings on your device and select IKEA from the applications list, you then have the option of toggling on Camera to allow access.

    For Android phones, go to your Settings, select Apps and choose the IKEA App. Scroll down to Permissions and from here you can turn camera access on.

  • Currently, this feature is only available for Market Hall, Swedish Food Market, Circular hub, self-serve and full serve items.

  • There is no limit to the number of items that can be bought with the app.

  • You can remove scanned items from your shopping bag at any time, simply press the three dots and select remove or swipe left to remove.

  • If an item is not recognised by the scanner in the app, you will need to scan it separately when paying at the checkout.

  • You can pay using all major credit cards, IKEA Gift cards and mobile payments like Google Pay or Apple Pay. ​

  • No, you don't need to be connected to the IKEA Wi-Fi, we do however recommend you connect to the IKEA Wi-Fi to ensure a more seamless journey as you need signal and/or Wi-Fi in order to generate the QR code necessary to pay at the checkouts.