Plants & plant pots

Bring home one (or lots) of our planters, and it’s time to ready, set, grow! House plants add life to your home and bring a smile to your face. Some plants help clean the air, and they all like it when you talk to them. So go ahead and tell your plants about your day.

A room with purple walls, with wooden benches and white shelves containing FEJKA artificial potted plants in pots.

Even the plants can’t tell who’s real and who’s not

Get that outdoors feel with FEJKA artificial potted plants. All year round greenery you don’t have work at, just bring them home and enjoy the atmosphere they create. Okay, they don’t clean the air like real plants, but they don’t need water either so that’s still a good deal environmentally.

A room full of greenery with a rattan chair, KRYDDPEPPAR plant stand and a window with bright light entering.

Any gardener's dream indoor oasis

Time for you to chill out in your very own indoor slice of nature. Our KRYDDPEPPAR plant stand is the perfect setting for your plants and what better home for your green friends than our VALLMOFRÖN plant pot. Everything you need to make your own little indoor landscape (the only thing we don't supply is the green fingers).

Hydroponic KRYDDA/VÄXER gardening kit, with green vegetables growing in the kit at different stages of the growth process.

Imagine your own organic garden (to pick what you like)

Grow tasty, healthy vegetables and herbs right in your home. All you need is water, light, seeds, nutrients, and the hydroponic KRYDDA/VÄXER gardening kit will do the rest, so you get the freshest (all within arm’s reach) produce all year round. It’s fun, reduces stress levels and saves you money too. And it tastes great!

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Get a little green inspiration in your home

What is the advantage of having indoor plants?

Introducing plants to your home does more than just brighten things up. Most will even help oxygenate the room – beneficial for both the body and mind.

What are the best indoor plants?

At IKEA, we sell all sorts of plants that would look great in your home. But it’s best to understand what kind of home you’re offering the plant before buying, as they may have different needs.

If you already have a spot picked out, you should consider how much natural light it receives. Small succulents and cacti (CACTCEAE) enjoy constant light. Whereas aloe vera plants, swiss cheese plants (MONSTERA) and snake plants (SANSEVIERAIA TRIFASCIATA, sometimes also called mother-in-law’s tongue) will be happy with around six to eight hours of indirect light per day. And for something a little different, take a look at our artificial hanging plants, like FEJKA, which require no care at all and guaranteed to brighten up any room.

What is the best plant to have in your bedroom?

Peace lilies (SPATHIPHYLLUM) are a perfect bedroom plant, oxygenating the room as they grow. Not only do they help you breathe, but they can also aid concentration and improve memory. Alternatively, if you find that insects are a pest in the warmer months, check out GRÖNSKAN, our potted Venus fly trap.

How do you make house plants part of your home?

Liven up any indoor or outdoor space with planters from IKEA. With the right planter, you’ll bring a freshness, vibrancy and natural fragrance into your home. Add a dash of colour to your balcony or decorate your patio with garden planters. Why not line your windowsill with succulents? Furnishing with flowers is never a bad idea. Put your most prized plant on a literal pedestal with our stylish plant pots and planters.

Most of our plants are already potted, which makes them easy to transfer into a larger decorative plant pot or a flower box. If you’ve a taste for fresh veggies and herbs, why not use one of our growing kits in your very own kitchen? Don’t forget the watering can! And if taking care of plants is not your strong point, we have convincing artificial plants for any part of your home.

How to plant in pots or planters

The first step is to prepare the plant for planting. Remove the plastic pot from the base of the plant by pulling it off or cutting it open. Then, gently tease out the plant roots so they can branch out more easily in their new home.

The second step is to prepare your soil and your pot or planter. If you’re using a large planter, place a few stones or a few pieces of broken terracotta over the drainage hole. This prevents the soil from pouring out. Pour a layer of soil along the bottom of the planter and add some compost to your soil for extra nutrition.

Finally, it’s time to plant. Insert the plant into the pot and surround it with soil. Make sure to leave a gap of about 2.5 cm between the soil and the top of the pot. Water the plant immediately once the plant and soil has been added. This helps settle any pockets of air in the soil. If needed, add more compost at the top of the pot.

Do house plants clean the air?

Plants brighten up your home, but it takes many, many plants to purify the air you breathe. Plants do absorb gases and produce oxygen - but you would need to have up to thousands of plants indoors to create a measurable effect. In other words, you can’t rely on a houseplant to improve indoor air quality.

Plants in our homes do improve our health in other ways. Plants bring with them a fresh and rejuvenating touch. Their fragrance can be relaxing, while the very sight of flowers and plants can lift our mood.