Indoor growing kits

You don’t necessarily need a lot of skill or space to become a gardener. You don’t even need a spot outside! Our indoor garden kits, cultivators and accessories help you sprout seeds and propagate plants in any space —and keep your garden growing across all seasons.

How do I grow herbs and plants indoors?

You don’t have to be an expert to grow your own indoor plants. Indoor growing kits like KRYDDA / VÄXER have everything you need to start growing your own vegetable or herb garden, regardless of the time of year. You’ll know exactly what you’re eating and it’s a fun hobby, too.


How does hydroponics work?

The kit is made up of 8 or 16 nursery pots (the 16-pot version is spread over two tiers) and comes with all of the nutrients and vitamins you’ll need to make your indoor plants grow big and strong.

This technique of growing plants indoors with water, instead of soil, is called hydroponics. Each plant sits in its own ‘netpot’, which allows it to absorb the vitamins it needs to grow, while being in the water.


What do you need to grow hydroponics?

Plants and herbs normally grow in the great outdoors, so if you want to grow them indoors, it’s important to try to replicate their natural environment. LED grow lights, like VÄXER, provide artificial light to help plants grow. Independent nursery and sprout boxes can be found as part of the range too, available in store and online.