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Design by Ilse Crawford

IKEA and British designer Ilse Crawford have come together once again to create a collection of smart, beautiful and timeless home accessories so appealing you wouldn’t want to throw them away. The focus is on well-being, honest and sustainable materials, and affordable, high-quality design.

A Scandinavian-style dining area with lit ADLAD scented candles and tealights on top of a dining table, by a large window.

Create the right atmosphere with scented candles

Different scents bring different moods. Discover how our new scented candles – made in collaboration with British designer Ilse Crawford – can create your desired atmosphere at home.

Choose from a wide variety of scents:
- Earthy and smoky
- Scandinavian forest
- Fresh grass
- Vanilla
- Jasmine and pear
- Full of berries