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Coat racks & stands

Tiny hallway? A coat rack can easily declutter entryways and keeps clothes, jackets and hats easy to grab on the go. What’s wonderful about clothes racks is that they barely take up space and are simply hung on the wall. You can also pair them with a shoe rack or shoe cabinet to keep your hallway tidy.

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Coat stands are a great way to store your jackets and bags in the hallway and make it easy to grab them when you're in a rush. They can also be used as extra storage in small apartments. Whether you need a stand for your hat and coat or a unit with a coat rack and shoe cabinet, we have options you can choose from. Shoe storage cabinets are useful for keeping your shoes organised, and coat hook racks are great for hanging up coats and jackets neatly. Our selection of coat racks are designed to help you make the most of your space and reduce the hassle of storage.

How to choose the best hallway storage units

Coat stands are like your helpful buddy, giving you a hand to store all kinds of things. When you're on the hunt for the perfect coat stands for your home, size is a key factor to consider. Along with size, there are other factors to think about before deciding, such as the style and price. No matter your preferences, there are options for everyone, whether you prefer wooden or metal stands, in black or white, with shelves or hooks. If you don't have a lot of space on the floor, you might want to consider wall mounted coat racks or coat hooks racks. And if you have more room in your entryway, a hallway bench is a great option for taking off your shoes and keeping things tidy. There are different styles of benches to choose from, like modern storage benches or ones made of fabric or metal with a shoe rack. And if you need somewhere to hang your coats and jackets, you can pair a coat rack with hooks with a coat hanger to save space. There's a variety of shapes and sizes available, so they won't take up too much room.

Why should you have coat stands in your home?

A coat rack is a helpful and stylish addition to any home. It helps keep things neat and enhances the overall look. Say goodbye to the mess of jackets and lost accessories. It makes grabbing your coat, shoes, and bag a breeze for both you and your guests. Choosing furniture that looks good and serves a purpose is important. Plus, it's built to last and stay sturdy. It's a fantastic way to spruce up your home and stay organised.