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Metal chairs

Add sturdiness and style with a metal chair. Whether you're looking for a reliable and functional outdoor chair or a stylish and modern indoor chair, you can find the right metal chair for your home. Browse now to explore your options.

The advantages of metal chairs

Metal chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces because of their reliability, durability and aesthetic. Metal is a strong, stable material, which contributes to the sturdiness of this range. These chairs are also extremely low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for a long-lasting staple in your home.

Metal chairs are a style statement

Metal chairs make a very stylish statement in your home. They add texture and dimension no matter which room they are used in. Choose from hard or soft textures, as well as straight or curved designs. Whether you're looking for a designated reading chair or an extra seat for your dining table, a metal chair can help you make a stylish, aesthetic statement.

How to enhance your space with metal chairs

Metal chairs come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes to match or enhance your current decor. Consider creating an outdoor nook to take in the sun or a welcoming space indoors for guests and friends. Choose one uniquely designed metal chair as a standalone feature of your space or choose a matching set to blend with your aesthetic. In the IKEA range, you can find kitchen chairs, dining chairs and balcony or garden chairs built with a metal frame. There are also comfortable options for a workspace.