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Learn Swedish with IKEA*

*Swedish translation - Lär dig svenska med IKEA

From MALM, to of course, BILLY, IKEA’s unique product names have long been a talking point for our fans. We know that many of us are battling boredom at home and trying to conquer the great indoors, so we’ve created a series of bitesize Swedish lessons to help keep you and your family entertained - even if just for a few minutes at a time!

The lessons cover a range of key topics, from family and friends, to nature and geography, but come with a twist – the learning is all through the medium of IKEA and our notoriously hard to pronounce products!

Give the lessons a go and show us your newly found Swedish skills on Instagram, using the hashtag #SwedeTalking and tagging us @IKEAUK

    Lesson 1

      Lesson 2

        Lesson 3