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How to improve the quality of your sleep in summer

We believe in the power of sleep. Getting the right amount of quality shut-eye is vital if you’re to be at your best the following day. Sleep quality can be affected by lots of different things especially in the summer, but comfort, air, temperature and light​ are just the basics. Read on for our sleeping tips on how to sleep well during summer heat waves. 

One side is cooler than the other

KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow a cooler temperature, and an overall snug softness to keep your head, neck and shoulders loose and relaxed all night. Regardless of your body temperature, the pillow will retain its comfort.

Keep out the heat and light

Different light management options for curtains and blinds include light filtering, privacy, room darkening and block-out curtains. For a better cooling effect, choose room darkening or block-out blinds which will prevent the sunlight from getting in. 

Beds and mattresses

An upholstered bed that has black and white bed linen on top of it in brightly-lit bedroom.

Sweet dreams in comfort

No matter if it is summer or winter we offer a wide range of high quality top rated beds and mattresses. Find the right size and style for you and your loved ones!

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