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A new collection designed to celebrate!

Yes, it’s that time of the year

It’s time for celebrations, good times, fun, love, peace and simply enjoying every second of life. At IKEA, we’re adding to the celebrations with a new collection called AROMATISK. Designed to make your home even cosier and the celebrations even better. That’s something to celebrate, too!

Dark wooden table set with gold accessories and a colourful runner from the AROMATISK collection.
A gold serving platter from the AROMATISK collection with leaf shaped bowls stuffed full of sweet treats.
A collection of hanging potpuri in various bring colours.
A table runner placed in a bright orange hallway layed across some stairs.
Ornamental gold Peacock figures in front of a mirror.

Kick-start the celebrations with AROMATISK

The inspiration for this collection comes from different details and embellishments found in the streets of India, including clothing, henna, and fabrics found in temples, and markets.

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Multi-coloured curtains  from the AROMATISK collection hanging in a dark room
Beautifully patterned cushions and bedding from the AROMATISK collection layed our in the morning sun.
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Colourful, sparkling and fun accessories that fill your home with love

Time to celebrate? Looking for something new and exciting to spice up your home? Then we have good news for you. The new AROMATISK collection is designed to add not just a good vibe but also a touch of mystique.

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Gold apple shaped serving bowls placed on a set of stairs.
Two beautifully patterned cushions with fruits and leaves from the AROMATISK collection.
A brightly coloured small serving tray in the shape of a leaf. Filled with sweet treats.
A small collection of storage boxes covered in Indian inspired patterns.
A dark wood coffee table set up wth AROMATISK lanterns, cushions and a small serving tray.
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