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Designer’s thoughts

”My soft toy is a bear and during the day it rides on a dog. Good bear, soon you’ll be loved! Treat him well and sometimes watch movies together.”

Sofia, 6

Width: 26 cm
Height: 8 cm
Length: 32 cm
Weight: 0,08 kg

Made of: 100% polyester


Say hi to Llama, Candy, Brown bear, Globeman, Eggplant car and Ladybug mouse – our new SAGOSKATT soft toy collection.

Designed by kids

Drawn by children, for children. We want more children to have an outlet for their creativity, have fun and at the same time feel that they contribute to other children having a better life.

All for charity

All turnover from the SAGOSKATT collection will be donated to a local charity in your market that supports children’s rights.