Dorm & apartment study space

LÅNGFJÄLL Swivel chair in brown-pink

Dorm desks & chairs

Every study space in a college apartment or dorm room means that you should at least have a comfortable chair to sit in, as well as a desk that is efficient and spacious enough to allow you to engage in proper study and work habits. From writing a paper on your laptop to memorizing parts of your textbooks, your dorm furniture and study space should give you peace of mind, as well as physical comfort for any applications you should need.

Let’s take a look at three important college study habits: there are plenty of additional solid habits out there, but this should get you a head start on understanding why the functionality of your study space and dorm or apartment matters so much!

Create an environment that benefits yourself:

not everyone studies the same way, and building a study space that is altogether pleasing to you, as well as enabling you to study as efficiently as possible is key. So what does this look like? Again, it comes down to where you’re sitting, what space do you have available to you, is your desk useful enough and meeting your study and space needs? Utilizing your favorite colors for furniture, walls or posters can also create a comfortable environment that can help quite a bit.

Get proper sleep:

all-nighters may work for some students, but it is generally recommended to get as much quality rest as you possibly can in order to help your brain and body function at peak efficiency. Proper sleep can help keep you healthy, more alert and ready to face whatever your particular college throws at you.

Study in set amounts of time:

the first hour of studying is when our brains are operating at the highest capacity and are the most productive. Cramming generally means that you’re working harder, not smarter. So be sure to give your mind rest, as it can get fatigued, which makes it much more difficult to focus and retain information.

In addition to these study tips, let’s also consider some potential study space furniture options for your dorm room:

The LÅNGFJÄLL swivel chair is a great choice for any student looking for a comfortable and rugged seat to park their future career ambitions through years of studying intently.

The MICKE desk is also a great choice since it offers a clean and streamlined look that offers plenty of space for your laptop, computer setup and various college textbooks and books, as well as drawer units for pens, papers, books and other supplies.

Everything from having a functional desk to a bookshelf that can hold other important study items, can help contribute towards achieving your own personal study space. IKEA can help achieve your college goals with all of your dorm room essentials!