Dorm room storage solutions

TJENA storage box with lid in white, black, and pink pattern

Dorm room storage

Apartment, dorm and college life sometimes means that space will be at a premium. Many times you will have roommates without the benefit of having an entire apartment to yourself. The good news is that IKEA has an assortment of storage boxes, storage bins, bookshelves, shelf units and types of storage furniture to help you organize your apartment or dorm in the most efficient and stylish way possible.

Consider the types of storage you may need in your dorm room or apartment; depending on the amount of space you have available to you, it is nevertheless wise to organize your dorm room or college apartment. Think about various items you may have: books, textbooks, laptop and computer equipment, paper, writing utensils, extra clothing, shoes, important files; the list goes on!

Let’s start with some storage boxes that could be used for any type of college organization: the TJENA storage box with lid. Large enough for practical use, and sturdy and durable enough to be useful for any room situation, you can organize with this great line of storage bins, carry them anywhere and have it look stylish too!

Don’t forget that college often consists of numerous textbooks, as well as additional books for supplementary reading; our famous BILLY bookcase fits the needs of every college student. Sold by IKEA since 1979, it just doesn’t seem to go out of style, and with several color options to choose from, can match almost any dorm décor.

Another great option for storage is a shelf unit, such as the KALLAX. A perfect square in size, the multiple color options and four separate storage units within the KALLAX make it a trendy and stylish addition to your college bedroom, living room or shared space. The TJENA storage box also fits perfectly inside, so these two items make a perfect match for your organizational and storage needs!

Some other dorm essentials to consider are clothing racks, laundry baskets, desk organizers, shoe organizers such as the SKUBB hanging shoe organizer that includes 16 pockets and other functional storage items such as the SKÅDIS pegboard.

When your dorm room is clean and organized, it makes it that much easier to concentrate on your work and focus on your studies. The ultimate goal of every college student is to graduate with a degree in their field of choice, and whether you live in a college apartment near campus or an actual dorm room, the ability to have your life organized is extremely valuable for your future.