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OUMBÄRLIG 7-piece cookware set

College cooking & eating

We’ve all heard the stories about college students surviving on ramen noodles while studying for their degree; now you don’t have to with IKEA’s exciting range of cookware and eating essentials for your college dorm or apartment! Cooking for yourself and your roommates has never been easier to accomplish with our line of dinnerware other dorm room essentials.

Eating in college and cooking to survive are some essential aspects towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying focused on your particular degree. If you can’t eat the right foods, your health could suffer and potentially invite sickness through lack of proper nutrition. So why not make your time in college as healthy and comforting as possible with IKEA’s cookware?

Your college checklist for eating and cooking should always include a nice set of flatware, and our MOPSIG set 16-piece flatware set fits the bill. Affordable, rugged and perfect for any college student. If you want to spring for something that will match well, our 18-piece FLITIGHET dinnerware set provides you with the plates, side plates and bowls that can provide at least four years of tasty memories.

For any leftover food that you’d love to have the next day, our JÄMKA 3-pack of food containers is perfect for keeping your meal fresh and ready to eat at any time you choose! When not in use, they fit snugly within each other, which can be a great space-saver in your college dorm or apartment.

At IKEA, we always want to provide you with the most affordable and highest quality cookware for your college apartment or dorm. Whether you’re looking for a dorm refrigerator or other dorm cooking essentials, we’re excited to offer products that are built to last, will help enhance your cooking and healthy lifestyle and provide you with ease of use for years to come. For more college dorm essentials and college apartment essentials, check out our other Back to College products! Whether this is your first year in college, or you’re a seasoned senior, you’ll find the best college kitchen and cooking gear here!

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