Bedroom essentials

A bedroom featuring a white HEMNES twin bed


A bed featuring BLÅVINDA Twin duvet cover in gray


Dorm & Apartment bedroom essentials

Whether you are living in a dorm room or have an apartment on or near your campus, your college bedroom should be a personal haven. IKEA’s college bedroom furniture is a unique selection of bedframes, dressers, nightstands, bedding and other dorm room essentials that can enhance your bedroom and make it the best place to sleep, hang and study.

As you make your way towards your college graduation, having a comfortable, practical and exciting place to call your own can help improve your sleep patterns, overall mood and concentration for studying and other assignments that you will face. Turning your personal dorm room ideas into reality is easy with IKEA’s college bedroom essentials!

Bedroom Furniture:

Some of the college essentials in your bedroom that you will need will likely be a bedframe, a mattress, bedding, pillows, a nightstand, lighting and lamps, a dresser, desk and others. When it comes to choosing a bedframe, make sure to first decide on the size based on your current living space. A queen-size frame likely wouldn’t work as well in a dorm room due to more limited space, but a full-size bed would. IKEA offers some great dorm bed options such as our MALM, HEMNES and our new SONGESAND line, which can offer fantastic quality and comfort. A dresser is also important to help organize your clothing, and can even double as a dorm storage space for your books and study materials. Some of IKEA’s more popular lines such as the BRIMNES, MALM and HEMNES chest of drawers come in different sizes so that you can fit it to your particular needs, especially if space is at a premium in a shared dorm room. A desk could also be one of the most important investments you could make for your college bedroom. Our MICKE desk is a great option working on your laptop or studying with your college textbooks. The ALEX desk is another one that offers a clean and functional design that also helps manage any cables from laptops and other electronic devices. When choosing your dorm room essentials, IKEA has a fantastic set of college bedroom furniture choices!


Choosing the comfort and style of your bedding for your dorm room is always a personal choice, and IKEA has plenty to offer. Our bedlinen comes in a wide array of colors and styles, with a lot that are made from environmentally-friendly materials such as lyocell and Better Cotton. Sleeping has never felt so comfortable and so wonderful for the planet as well! Our comforters also come in a large range of fillings and warmth ratings, so you can stay as warm or as cool as you like. And when it comes to pillows for your college bed, IKEA offers pillows for every type of sleeper and with multiple types of fillings: down and feathers, memory foam or polyester. Sleep softly with comfort that suits you and your college experience!