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Your first test? Buy everything you need for a hip, efficient, comfy college living space without going broke. Start now to get ahead of the curve.

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College is about discovering who you are – it begins with creating a space that screams “Here I am!” while improving your school-life balance. What kind of student are you?


Comfortable college dorm room with sleeper-sofa and desk

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You’ll happily study all night, but only if you’re super cozy. A comfy sofa, fluffy pillows, warm blanket and a hot cup of chai make straight A’s easy.


College living space with sleeper-sofa, small kitchen and dining table

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Your motto’s go, go, go. No routines. You can study or chill anywhere, anytime. You’re steady moving, so you need a space that can keep up.


Well-organized college living space with bed, shelves and closet

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You need to tidy up before you get down to business. You crave a structured (but also welcoming!) space to study, to dream, to scheme.


College apartment with bed, shelves, dining table and a bicycle

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Other people give you life. Your space is the go-to spot for spontaneous hangs, study groups, binge-watching nights and whatever, whenever.

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