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IKEA 365+ food containers

Every year, every household throws out large amounts of food — both fresh and frozen. The best way of avoiding this is by using containers, receptacles and jars that keep food fresh for longer.

With the IKEA 365+ series, you can save a lot of food by keeping it all organised and easy to find. You can also combine different lids and containers to create custom receptacles that suit any lifestyle and situation.

One container — different uses


Silicone lids create a vacuum that helps preserve food and maintains a stable temperature. When you cook in an oven, you can use them to cover food and avoid splashes.


Airtight lids provide the perfect seal to lock in your food on the way to work and for saving leftovers.


The bamboo lid is airtight to keep food fresh, and can also be used as a plate for serving food to family and friends in a more unique way.

      Choose your container's look

      You can choose between square, rectangular and round containers — all of them can be combined with bamboo, plastic or silicone lids.

      Square containers

      Rectangular lids

      Round containers

      Much more than a container

      We also have chopping boards that can double up as lids for rectangular containers. Let your imagination soar!

      Add a personal touch

      Personalise and organise your food with coloured seals. Easily change the seal so you can identify what's inside at a glance. The pressure cap creates an airtight seal that keeps food fresh for longer.