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Keep calm taking a bath

It’s possible to keep a stylish bathroom when you have a large family. The secret? Functional bathroom furniture with secret storage compartments, and open shelves for easy access.

A smaller sink means more counterspace — which means more places to put your mirror, soap, facecloth and more.

If you have an open storage shelf, have a dedicated place for everything. Use small storage organisers, jars and baskets to store toiletries and bulky bathroom gear like hairdryers and brushes.

Towels, toys and toiletries all need a place in the bathroom. HEMNES has a storage bench to put your children’s bath toys inside, as well as a rail to hang bath towels.

Provide a pinch of greenery to your bathroom by putting them in IKEA SKURAR hang planters. The off-white pots have a doily design.

Plants are good for you, while humidity in the bathroom is good for the plants. Making this a win-win.