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Children's hooks & hangers

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Check out our children's hangers and hooks

Who needs full-sized hangers when you're not full-sized yet? Our children's hangers will keep clothes wrinkle-free and make them easier to put away. Learning to keep your own things tidy isn't easy. Clothes will probably end up on the floor for a few years. But hooks placed at a child-friendly height can help your kids get into the habit.


IKEA VÄNSKAPLIG children's coat-hanger Trouser hanger, skirt hanger and shirt hanger in one.


IKEA KROKIG clothes stand


IKEA KLÄDE knob rack with 3 knobs


IKEA HÄNGA children's coat-hanger


IKEA BAGIS children's coat-hanger The plastic is flexible to minimise the risk of breaking.


IKEA FLISAT knob rack with 4 knobs Made of solid wood.
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