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Solar system provided by Contigo Energía.


Solar system provided by Contigo Energía.

Solar calculator

Make the switch to a more sustainable everyday life with SOLSTRÅLE and start producing your own renewable energy – at an affordable price.

Contigo Energía has worked, together with IKEA to produce a solar offer that works for you, your home and your energy needs. We have selected Contigo Energía as our solar partner as their experience, systems and warranty match the IKEA standards of quality and security.

Better energy together with

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1. Assessment
A home solar expert from Contigo Energía will help you pick the solar package that best matches your needs.
2. Quote
Contigo Energía gets back to you with a confirmed quote, including all system components and installation.
3. Installation
After you approve the quote, Contigo Energía will install your solar system and make sure it runs as it should.
4. Enjoy the sun
It’s official! Your home is now running on solar electricity from SOLSTRÅLE. Just sit back and enjoy the sun.

Embark on a worry-free journey

Together with Contigo Energía, we made the simplest and safest buying process

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How solar works

A solar system is complex in it’s setup, but simple in it’s use. Luckily for you, we’ve spent the time to do the hard part, so you can just focus on enjoying your home-grown clean energy. But, if you want to get a simple overview of how solar systems work, here’s a handy diagram that will show you the basics.

SOLSTRÅLE, a fully customized offer that adapts to your own needs

Contigo Energía offers easy and simple solar systems, with bundle-offers and a range of options that adapt to your house and your consumption profile. These are examples of prices, installation and maintenance included.

Small house or household, with a limited consumption during the day

  • 4 photovoltaic panels 340W or 390W
  • Inverter Solax or SolarEdge
  • Electricity production guarantee: 5 years
  • Product guarantee: minimum 10 years

SOLSTRÅLE from 4170€ inc. VAT

SOLSTRÅLE PLUS from 4925€ inc. VAT

Medium size house or household, with some consumption during the day

  • 8 photovoltaic panels 340W or 390W
  • Inverter Solax or SolarEdge
  • Production guarantee: 5 years
  • Product guarantee: minimum 10 years

SOLSTRÅLE from 5088€ inc. VAT

SOLSTRÅLE PLUS from 6179€ inc. VAT

Larger house or household, well-equiped, important consumption during the day

  • 12 photovoltaic panels 340W or 390W
  • Inverter Solax or SolarEdge
  • Production guarantee: 5 years
  • Product guarantee: minimum 10 years

SOLSTRÅLE from 6633€ inc. VAT

SOLSTRÅLE PLUS from 7890€ inc. VAT

Some subsidies may be available for you

Depending on where you live, you might be eligible for a tax break on your IBI. Some local authorities also offer additional subsidies. Contigo Energía will help you finding out and filling the necessary paperwork.

Solar - The IKEA way

There are many good reasons to go solar. From cutting energy costs to protecting the environment, find out what solar electricity can do for you.


Investing in SOLSTRÅLE will not only allow you to save up to 50% month on month on your electricity bill, but could also increase the value of your home. Together with our partner Contigo Energía, we explore the market to make sure you always get the best value for money.


A solar system is a long-term investment and you want to be certain your solar system is going to deliver the electricity you expect. That’s why our partner Contigo Energía has put together a warranty package that covers both system parts and production performance over time.


The energy from the sun is a free and unlimited resource with little impact on the environment. By harnessing solar energy to power your home, you can lower your carbon emissions considerably – and protect our planet for the generations to come.

Go solar with Contigo Energía

Better energy together with

Calculate your system with Contigo Energía

Head over to Contigo Energía web page and use their handy calculator to configure a custom system to fit your home.

Helpful information about SOLSTRÅLE

  • Solar is both good for your wallet and for the planet! When dimensioned properly to your house and to your consumption profile, a solar system will enable significant savings on your electricity bill. You will also enjoy clean renewable energy.

  • We will find out together! You can use Contigo Energía calculator to do a first study and they will get in touch and determine if and what type of solution would work best for your home. Optimal conditions are a clean roof surface, without shading, south facing with a slope of around 30 degrees. Installation of solar system can however be profitable even if optimum conditions are not met.

  • SOLSTRÅLE is a complete, turnkey solar system that includes all products, services and guarantees. It includes for instance a design that fits your roof, full installation, solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and great guarantees.

    We also offer a SOLSTRALE Plus offer, with higher efficiency and warranties. Contigo Energía also has different options for specific needs: flat roofs, hybrid inverter, full-black panels.

  • When you are ready to get a quote, you can use Contigo Energía calculator, and get a first idea of the price for your house. The next steps will be a digital home visit to check on feasibility and get a final quote. Before installing the system, Contigo Energía will handle the administrative part for you. The whole buying process from simulation to installation can last from 1 to 3 months.

  • Depending on where you live, you can indeed get a tax break on your IBI. Some local authorities also give a financial help to purchase your system. Contigo Energía will help you with finding this out for your city, as well as filling in the paperwork.

  • No, it won´t. Because Solar energy is only produced during the day and is not stocked, you still need to buy electricity from your provider, at least for your night usage. When designing the system, Contigo Energía will take your personal situation into consideration and will customize a system to your need and wallet.

  • You can install solar panels on most types of roof. It is worthwhile considering that a solar system will give you green electricity for at least 30 years. If you have an old roof that risks not lasting, it is better to replace the roof first.

  • Contigo Energía offers some solution for shadowed roofs. They will let you know if you have too much shadow to make it profitable.

  • No, you don´t. We actually don´t have a battery in our offer with Contigo Energía. We think that they don´t make sense financially yet. In Spain, you can inject the electricity in the grid and get compensated for it.

  • You will be able to follow your production online.

  • To request a personalized quote, click on the link to go to Contigo Energía calculator.

  • All sales will be through and our partner Contigo Energía who will manage all the products included and the installation. No physical products will be for sale at IKEA's stores.

  • No, we only supply turnkey solar installations and our partner Contigo Energía ensures that both ordering and installation is smooth and easy.

  • Contigo Energía will offer customer finance options.

  • It depends! In some municipalities, you do, in some others, you don´t. Contigo Energía will let you know and will handle the paperwork for you.

  • Our solar panels are very durable and able to withstand the toughest weather conditions. The life span of a system is at least 25 years.

  • The amount of electricity you get from the system depends on a number of factors and therefore a simple answer can rarely be given. Usually the amount of electricity, is the number of kWh, is produced per installed kW. In Spain, the solar radiation is very high, usually ranging from 1400-1800 kWh / installed kW, mainly depending on the annual solar radiation and the direction and inclination of the panels. Other factors affecting production are shading, temperature, soiling etc.

  • How much you save depends on your housing situation and the size of the solar system. In most cases, your savings enable a payback within 6 to 10 years. Don´t forget that you will keep your system for around 25 years.

  • No, solar panels don´t need much maintenance. They get cleaned when it rains. There´s usually no need to clean yourself. Other components, such as the inverter, might fail between 5 and 10 years and this will be covered by the warranty.

  • Should something not work properly, all products have long warranty periods. The product warranties on the various parts are minimum of 10 years.

    Furthermore, Contigo Energía provides a 5 year workmanship warranty (cover any costs associated with faulty workmanship provided the panels are only used for their intended purpose) and a 5 year parts warranty (covering all products supplied and installed against mechanical and electrical defects arising from either faulty parts or workmanship. Any costs associated with replacement of these components will be covered.

    Finally, our offer includes a 5 year performance guarantee that compensates the customer in case the solar PV system does not deliver at least 80% of the average estimated energy generation calculated in the final quotation. It ensures that nothing is disregarded in other guarantees.

  • Contigo Energía is a company with a high level of expertise and a long and broad experience in the Spanish renewable energy market. Together with IKEA knowledge in selling products that improve everyday life at home for the many people, we believe we have developed the best possible offer on the market.

  • No, IKEA does not manufacture any of the included components. Purchase of all hardware (panels, inverters and mounting systems) as well as installation is managed by IKEA's partner Contigo Energía. Technology development is fast-paced and we only use products of internationally recognized quality in our range.

  • Launching the home solar offer is an important part of IKEA’s complete sustainability strategy. Apart from working on reducing our own carbon footprint, we also wish to make it easy for the many people to live a more sustainable life at home.

  • Our aim is to provide a safe and excellent value for money home solar offer, considering price, quality and warranties. We have therefore, aside of regular warranties that are normally included when purchasing a solar system also added a performance guarantee that ensures the system generates power as per plan. This is an umbrella guarantee, overarching all guarantees, ensuring nothing is missed or excluded. If the system generates less than 80% of calculated production, the customer will be compensated.

  • Everyone who owns a roof and consumes energy is a potential customer. Our partner Contigo Energía offers a financing option, making Solar affordable for the many.