KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey

KNOPPARP is a small sofa with a big heart that fits perfectly wherever space is limited. Smartly designed, lightweight, a comfortable padded cover and uses less materials – good for the planet.

Article number104.246.21

Product details

KNOPPARP sofa is very durable thanks to the metal construction and strong supporting fabric.Thanks to the innovative construction, we can use less materials and foam when we make KNOPPARP sofa, while the padded cover ensures that the comfort is maintained.A sofa with small, neat dimensions which is easy to furnish with, even when space is limited. This cover is made from KNISA fabric in polyester, which is dope-dyed. It’s a durable material which has a soft feel.The dope-dyeing process reduces consumption of water and dyestuff compared to traditional dyeing techniques.The cover is easy to keep clean since it is removable and can be machine washed.Easy to bring home if you choose to carry it on your own. The packaging is just over one metre in height and weighs 17 kg.10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.This cover’s ability to resist abrasion has been tested to handle 40,000 cycles. 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture used every day at home. Over 30,000 cycles means a good ability to resist abrasion.The cover has a lightfastness level of 5-6 (the ability to resist colour fading) on a scale of 1 to 8. According to industry standards, a lightfastness level of 4 or higher is suitable for home use.
Article number104.246.21
  • Supporting fabric/ Supporting fabric:100% polypropylene
    Armrest frame:Steel, Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Top rail/ Back rail/ Front rail:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Foot:Polypropylene plastic
    Back and seat filling:Polyurethane foam 25 kg/cu.m.
    Cover:Polyester wadding, Non-woven polyester
    Armrest top:Polyester hollow fibres
    Fabric:100% polyester (min. 90% recycled)
    FrameWipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
    CoverMachine wash, max 40°C, normal process.
  • We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
  • KNOPPARP2-seat sofaArticle no104.246.21
    Width: 32 cmHeight: 27 cmLength: 114 cmWeight: 18.39 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

119 cm
76 cm
70 cm
Free height under furniture: 
21 cm
Armrest height: 
69 cm
Seat width: 
108 cm
Seat depth: 
54 cm
Seat height: 
39 cm
Armrest width: 
4 cm



SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Comfort without the extra padding

For KNOPPARP sofa, less is more. We’ve stretched the fabric over the metal frame, making the need for foam unnecessary. Using less material, yet keeping it comfortable and sturdy.

KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey

An easy-to-carry innovator

All IKEA products have affordability as a key part of their design, but we create certain products from the beginning to be especially so. We call them "breath-taking items" or BTIs. "We'd tried to make a BTI sofa before," product developer Jerry Svensson explains, "but never got the price right.” So when creating KNOPPARP, the team had to try something completely different. Who would’ve thought that the inspiration would come from a trampoline?

So, where is the money spent when making a sofa? “The biggest expenses come in three parts,” says Jerry. “The wood needed to make a frame, the fixtures you need to put the sofa together, and the foam to make it comfortable."

A jump in the right direction

Walking home one day, engineer Gerd Rodhe could see his neighbour's kids stretched out relaxing on a trampoline. He realized that stretching a fabric between a metal frame would make a comfortable seat without expensive materials. Jerry picks up the story. "We started breaking down what we needed to make a sofa without adding a high cost to the final price. We landed on using a metal frame, the trampoline-like seat, and to cut down on foam we developed a fabric cover that's quilted for comfort." Also, most of the screws were swapped for metal parts that can click together making the sofa easy to assemble.

Light, easily carried – and sustainable

KNOPPARP should be easy to transport, too. "It became almost like a competition to work out different ways to divide it so the packaging became smaller,” Jerry says. We ended up with a packaging light and small enough to make it easier to bring home. Jerry's proudest moment with KNOPPARP though is its sustainability. One part of this is that we’ve used as little material as possible, but the sofa is still strong and durable and will serve you for many years. "It’s almost completely recyclable, too, making it a real innovator for more sustainable sofas in the future."

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Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“Just as comfortable as lying on your back on a trampoline! Once we got the idea of using the same technology as in trampolines for KNOPPARP sofa we were able to develop the form very quickly. The really big challenges came later. Besides the attractive design, the sofa should also have a low price. Be good from an environmental perspective. Be packaged so smartly that it could be taken home on a bus. And be easy to assemble, robust and easy to keep clean. The result is a sofa that exudes honesty – what you see is what you get.”

Designer Nike Karlsson


What is recycled polyester?

When we create products from recycled polyester, PET bottles and other sources of polyester get a new life in products like textiles, storage boxes, kitchen fronts and even lamps. When using them, you get to enjoy exactly the same quality and function as with virgin polyester products. And naturally, they’re just as clean and safe in every way. And perhaps the very best part – you contribute to using less new raw materials too.

2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey

KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa bright blue
KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey
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KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa, Knisa light grey