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MUSSELBLOMMA, the collection that loves the sea

IKEA, SEAQUAL and a group of Spanish fishermen have worked together to create this collection of sustainable textiles made from plastic collected on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Our hope is that this project will raise awareness of the huge volumes of plastic waste in our oceans, while also being an active part of the solution. A solution that drives change, not profits.

MUSSELBLOMMA, the sustainable collection that loves the sea
MUSSELBLOMMA, the sustainable collection that loves the sea

    Get on board with the trend that’s good for us all — get on board with MUSSELBLOMMA!

    How is MUSSELBLOMMA manufactured?


    More than 400 boats and 1,500 Spanish fishermen from the Mediterranean coast worked to collect plastic from the sea for this project.

    This plastic was transformed, together with recycled PET bottles, into yarn and fabric, which was then used to create this new range of products in factories in Valencia and Alicante.


    Spanish designer Inma Bermúdez created this collection featuring shapes and colours inspired by the sea.


    We have created a simple, modern pattern using circles, squares and triangles combined with a fish-like shape. The colours were inspired by the sea: different greens and turquoises contrasting with a bright and cheerful coral pink.

    Inma Bermúdez

    Every year, 8.000 tonnes of rubbish end up in the sea. It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans and seas than fish.


    So what can we do?

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