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Valentine's day gifts

All kinds of things make good gifts for St Valentine’s Day: original gifts, romantic gifts, personalised gifts, fun gifts and craft items. Explore our St Valentine gift ideas and choose a surprise for your partner.

Take your pack for the perfect St Valentine's Day

At IKEA, we want all your days to be wonderful, and so we have created these gift packs so that you can surprise your partner and enjoy a fantastic St Valentine’s Day. Available between 28/01/19 and 14/02/19


Not all gifts have to be material

Surprise your partner with a picnic at home

Prepare a magical evening that will leave your partner astonished: use candles and background music to create a romantic ambience.

Surprise your partner with a picnic at home, prepared using your favourite recipes. To create a conducive atmosphere, decorate your living room with plants and flowers to bring in the freshness of nature.

Prepare a magical evening